In Molecular Biology of the Cell 5th Edition PDF, new material has been included on many topics, ranging from epigenetics, histone modifications, small RNAs, and comparative genomics, to genetic noise, cytoskeletal dynamics, cell-cycle control, apoptosis, stem cells, and novel cancer therapies. This book gives readers a conceptual framework for the mass of information that we now have about cells. This means going beyond the recitation of facts. The goal is to learn how to put the facts to use-to reason, to predict, and to control the behaviour of living systems.

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To help readers on the wayto an active understanding, for the first time, end-of-chapter problems have been incorporated in Alberts Molecular Biology of the Cell 5th Edition. These emphasize a quantitive approach and the art of reasoning from experiments.
Although the chapters of this book can be read independently of one another, they are arranged in a logical sequence of five parts. The first three chapters of Part 1 cover elementary principles and basic biochemistry. They can serve either as an introduction for those who have not studied biochemistry or as a refresher course for those who have. Part 2 deals with the storage, expression and transmission of genetic information. Part 3 deals with the principles of main experimental methods for investigating cells. It is not necessary to read these two chapters  in order to understand the later chapters, but a reader will find it a useful reference. Part 4 discusses the internal organization of the cell. Part 5 follows behavior of cells in multicellular systems, starting with cell-cell junctions and extracellular matrix and concluding with two chapters on the immune system.

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Release: November 16, 2007.
Language: English
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Authors: Bruce Alberts, Alexander JohnsonJulian LewisMartin RaffKeith RobertsPeter Walter

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